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When you and your competitors are providing the same service, what is it that really makes you stand out? It is the experience you create for your customers!

Customer support is the most foundational factor in creating a memorable customer experience in your fitness business. What several businesses do not know is that members remain loyal to a brand because of the feeling and joy they get from the service; not the service itself.

To increase revenue, elevate customer retention, and even grow your business to several branches (and perhaps even a franchise), you need to adopt top-tier customer-centric treatment.

Before we jump into the best practices you can start applying to your fitness business, we’ll let you in on a little secret. If you provide out-of-this-world customer service in your business, your customers will be incredibly forgiving if anything goes wrong. 

The experience the brand gives them compensates for anything gone wrong. They trust the brand. And the feeling it gives them.

The DONT’s of Fitness Business Customer Support

  • Do not make things overly complicated
  • Do not be rude to your customers
  • Do not ignore customer feedback


  • None wants to spend too much time trying to subscribe to a gym, or find a good time slot for their personal trainer
  • Who will tolerate rudeness? No one! You’ll find all your customers walking out the door. 
  • You won’t know about how your customers are feeling until they are canceling their membership!

The 4 DO’s of Fantastic Fitness Business Customer Support

1. Make Being a Customer Easy! 

Within fitness businesses, remember that your customer is here for a reason; to exercise, train, dance, or the likes. So, they do not want to be bothered by complex systems and processes to get to their goal. 

Here are a few questions to take into consideration; 

  1. Is the payment system easy for your customers?
  2. Is their registration to classes going to take more than a minute?
  3. Can your customers find you online easily?
  4. If there are any problems, or queries, can your customers reach you easily?
  5. Do you have an easy-to-use centralized membership software? 

Investing in a comprehensive, user-friendly fitness management software can streamline all your customers’ logistics and keep your customers happy!

By centralizing all your customers’ administrative functions into one intuitive app, or system, they’ll know that whatever they have to think about is found there. No wondering. No second-guessing. No customers lost!

67% of customers are willing to pay more simply if they get better customer service. 

Start elevating your customer experience simply by opting for In2; the ultimate fitness management software to keep track with your users’ activities, organize payments, class registrations, membership renewals and much more.

2. Constantly Seek Feedback

According to a research done by Market Connections, only 4%of businesses hear anything from unhappy customers. As mentioned above, your customers do want to carry the weight of going after you, or try to fix your fitness business. 

However, people still like to be heard. So, the best thing to do is seek feedback from your customers.

Keep it simple and straightforward, but ask your customers about what makes them happy.

Raise your levels of retention simply by creating a routine for your employees to ask for your customers’ feedback.

Train your staff to be approachable, friendly, and able to handle any feedback with a smile. Listening to customers’ feedback and proactively acting to fix the remarks mentioned could quickly save a membership before it’s lost!

3. Thank Your Customers

Here’s a pill hard to swallow; being in the fitness industry isn’t special. Your members have a lot of other options for exercise and fitness! 

Here’s what you can do to give back to them; thank them for choosing your fitness business! 

Do not take your customers for granted, and always remember to show them that they come first. When you ask them for their feedback, make them feel seen (and heard), and actually give them a personalized response, and work on showing them a resolution towards their complaint. 

What can actually increase retention, and ensure loyalty is if you personalize your customers’ experience through your management software. For example, give them a special discount on their birthday. Your management software should automate this kind of thing. (In2 can!)

Such small gestures can go a long way with your customers and you’ll watch as they spread the word about how amazing your fitness business is. 

4. Incentify Your Members

Now that we’ve established how important it is for your customers to refer their connections to you, imagine how remarkable it would be if your team members were the ones referring new customers to your fitness business! 

It’s very simple to create a “natural sales team” from your employees simply if you give them incentive when they increase the retention rate and bring in new customers. Once they’re tempted by the reward, they’ll take on the responsibility of advertising our fitness business without you having to egg them on to do it. 

Not to mention that they’d believe in your incredible customer and employee experience, so they’d do it without having to. Nothing matches a good referral program!

When you start using In2 as your customer management software, you too will benefit from a referral program. Simply send your referral code to another business you believe will prosper from such a comprehensive customer management software. It’s a win-win situation. 

Before We Go

Remember that your customers always come first and the experience you create for them in your fitness business is what keeps them loyal to your brand.
So, don’t think twice about investing in an inclusive customer management software now to increase your revenue and give your customers the treatment they deserve. Book your demo with In2 now.