About Us

In 2016, it all started with a friendly game of football.

Through lost messages and missed phone calls, it seemed it would be impossible to get the gang together to play one simple match. Through our failed attempt to play that game, we decided to kick off a different idea – one that would solve our pain of organizing sports activities once and for all! But we didn’t want it just to solve our problem, we wanted it to solve everyone’s! And so, IN2 was born.

Since then, we’ve grown to become the go-to tech solution for sports businesses around the region, offering them the online solution they never even knew they needed.

Our love for all things sports and wellness puts us in the perfect position to know what our clients need – and what their clients need! With a team of developers, designers and most importantly sports lovers, we continually evolve the platform to make sure it’s always ahead of the game.

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