“Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait Persevere.”

Kamel Semakieh, Founder of In2


Our Story | In2

The In2 adventure began back in 2018…

Joelle had opened her specialized yoga studio, and her husband Kamel decided to use his engineering background to create a platform to help her manage it.

Meanwhile, Wael, the then-General Manager of a prominent Beirut Sports Club, was looking for a system to help his club manage its growth, new branch openings, and automate its manual-heavy administrative processes.

Kamel and Wael bonded over their shared love for football and their need to create a solution to solve their pain points. The In2 project took on a new dimension when Kamel was able to translate those managerial frustrations into a customized solution that perfectly met Wael’s sports club management system needs.

The platform’s user-friendliness, in addition to its various functionalities, made it the optimal solution for any sports business out there, starting with PT trainers, niche studios, sports clubs, and scaling up to University sports complexes, once it was rolled out. The obvious next step was to scale up In2 and launch it internationally.

Our Story | In2

As personal users of the platform, the founders designed it to meet any sports business need and provide a seamless back-end experience that guarantees improved productivity, lower administrative overhead costs, and increased member retention. Furthermore, it serves as a reporting tool, allowing users to monitor business performance in a timely and comprehensive dashboard.

The In2 family grew to more than 20 dedicated team members; this experience was both challenging and extremely rewarding.

We couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come. We are so confident in the transformation that In2 enables and the way it redefines an industry that we have made it our mission to assist all of you in achieving your goals and reaching new heights.

Our values


We always make sure to provide a sense of belonging to our clients. Excitement, motivation and joy of effort are our core principles to create the ultimate customer experience.


We respect people around us and maintain a positive attitude in our sports fields. Encouraging and supporting each person to their own behalf and having the will to learn and teach one another to grow.

Transparency & Accountability

We boost both employee and customer relationships and satisfaction through speaking of authenticity and open communication with all our stakeholders.Trust is key to owning our actions and achieve what we are seeking

Community & Partnerships

We provide a connected fitness academy to engage coaches, PTs, managers and instructors towards the same goal. Building innovative minds to unleash our customers’ full potential. Work together to achieve more.

Personal Development

We value our customers and strive to bring their best selves out to the world. With determination, everything is possible. Hitting targets and setting higher ones to keep the customer journey in progress and move forward.

Diverse Innovation

We come from different backgrounds creating an environment positioned to unlock new innovative ideas and deliver value. Establishing a culture that is passionate and always strives to raise the standards.

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Kamel Semakieh

Founder & ADvisor

Wael Azar


Jamal Haidar


Jessica Daroune


Abdul Sattar Ouayda


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