“Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait Persevere.”

Kamel Semakieh, Founder of In2

Our Story | In2


In 2016, the In2 evolution began through various attempts to organize a friendly game of football. With the onset of various missed phone calls and lost messages, we knew there had to be a better way. Through our failed attempt to play one game of football, In2 was born. We saw an opportunity to help others involved in the sports and fitness industry expand and simplify their processes through the power of technology.

Since those early days, In2 has become the go-to end-to-end management solution for sports businesses across the globe. We are proud to bring you an ever-evolving platform that keeps you and your business one step ahead.

Our values


We always make sure to provide a sense of belonging to our clients. Excitement, motivation and joy of effort are our core principles to create the ultimate customer experience.


We respect people around us and maintain a positive attitude in our sports fields. Encouraging and supporting each person to their own behalf and having the will to learn and teach one another to grow.

Transparency & Accountability

We boost both employee and customer relationships and satisfaction through speaking of authenticity and open communication with all our stakeholders.Trust is key to owning our actions and achieve what we are seeking

Community & Partnerships

We provide a connected fitness academy to engage coaches, PTs, managers and instructors towards the same goal. Building innovative minds to unleash our customers’ full potential. Work together to achieve more.

Personal Development

We value our customers and strive to bring their best selves out to the world. With determination, everything is possible. Hitting targets and setting higher ones to keep the customer journey in progress and move forward.

Diverse Innovation

We come from different backgrounds creating an environment positioned to unlock new innovative ideas and deliver value. Establishing a culture that is passionate and always strives to raise the standards.

Meet our passionate Board Members

Kamel Semakieh

Founder & ADvisor

Wael Azar


Jamal Haidar


Jessica Daroune


Abdul Sattar Ouayda


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