Athletico Sports


What is Athletico Sports club?

Athletico Sports Club, is the leading football academy in Lebanon, for all children aged between 4-18.

Best Academy for the 2018-2019 season

How many branches do they have ?
8 Branches situated all around Lebanon with around 1200 players.
Staff composition:

Our staff is composed of 60 people, spread between Coaches,
Receptionists, Administrative and Operations employees in addition to our Board of Directors.

The Challenges
Athletico’s biggest challenge was finding a solution to help manage the business and seamlessly automate processes.

Having tried different solutions, such as using Excel, the traditional way of doing things or testing existing solutions on the market, we couldn’t find an answer to our problems.

Both methods have failed miserably as our teams were struggling to find a solution that is tailor made for our academy, and that really helps them manage all aspects of our business.

We tried to find and implement a solution to this problem with two different companies but they both failed

Recurring Issues:
  • Human errors couldn’t be avoided in most situations.
  • Tracking attendance was not accurate
  • Reporting was a huge hurdle especially that it was not in real time: It used to take us over a month to compile data accurately.
  • Theft risk: All information was on paper and was not digitally backed up.
  • Billing audits weren’t accurate since they were done manually
The Goals
When purchasing In2 our main goals were the following:
  • Have more control over our business
  • Have accurate Data always and on time to make decisions faster.
  • Create Hierarchal Reports (branches/regions…etc.)
  • Have easy access on the system, anytime and anywhere.
  • Set the permissions and to manage the data ows. Not all employees should have access to all the data.
  • Reduce the number of people needed to supervise and audit the work being done by the receptionists and the customer facing teams.
  • Manage multiple branches in a seamless and efcient way.
  • Grow and scale the business in an easy and controllable way.

How did In2

  • Automated the process of managing members and payments.
  • We got very advanced and timely reports that helped us identify our cost centers and make sure we have them under control.
  • In2 allowed us to easily manage our courts and elds, and our coaches were able to book and keep track of their classes and attendees.
  • Decrease overheads and make sure that nothing is done manually which has eliminated the risk of theft.
  • Improve the relationship with the parents and give them visibility on the progress of their kids.
  • Thanks to In2, the burden of opening a new branch no longer exists administratively:
    The process of opening our two new branches that were recently opened was very fast.
  • Training our teams on how to use the platform was a very easy process due to In2’s seamless User Interface and to the amazing Implementation and After Sales Support we received.
Cloud based software for your tennis academy
Return on investmnent
The Main Benefit from using In2 is the quick decision making process which helps us decrease our costs and allows us to scale our operations much faster all while ensuring a positive ROI.


increase in productivity


decrease in overhead costs


increase number of members

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