Benefits — Interconnectivity

Sports professionals know the value of timing, precision, and management. In2 is your tool to effortlessly bring all three to your game, helping you manage classes, instructors, and clients through an easy-to-use platform that everyone can benefit from in real time.

Keep Your Customers Happy

By offering online payments and bookings, your business can ensure that your customers have control of when and how they interact with your service. Using In2’s advanced platform is easy and straightforward, making it simple enough to use for anyone.

Keep Your Community Talking

Keep the lines of communication open between you, your instructors and your customers. Inform your clients of schedule or booking changes, streamline tasks between instructors and enable notifications and reminders for everyone so that no one ever misses a beat.

Make it Easier for Stakeholders

Remove the barriers your stakeholders are used to facing and give them a platform that allows them to operate on their own terms and their own time.

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