What is CF Tennis

CF Tennis Academy is a leading tennis academy based in the UAE, operating from 30 different venues across the country. The academy offers over 20 different packages and services to its clients, ranging from group lessons to individual coaching sessions, as well as tennis camps and events. CF Tennis Academy has a team of over 25 highly qualified coaches, all of whom are passionate about tennis and dedicated to helping their clients improve their skills.

The Challenges

In 2020, CF Tennis Academy realized that their existing manual system for managing their operations was becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage. With the growing number of clients and staff members, they needed a more efficient and streamlined way to manage their day-to-day operations, including scheduling appointments, managing staff, managing different attendance, handling customer inquiries, and generating reports.

The Goals
When purchasing IN2 our main goals were the following:
  • to implement a full digital transformation to the operations.
  • to manage all aspects of our operations from a single platform with a single system.
  • to schedule appointments and manage staff across all 30 venues from a single platform, saving time and improving efficiency.
  •  to easily manage and update our packages, add new offerings, and set pricing, removing any conflict and human error.
  • to easily manage customer inquiries and track customer information, providing better customer service and personalized offerings, and the ability to outreach with a single click a bulk number of clients. This has helped them greatly in client retention.
  •  have the ability to create reminder templates with placeholders in no time, and reach out to those clients in order to retain them.
  • to manage our staff schedules, track their availability, and automatically calculate their salaries regardless of the complexity of their payment structure. 
  • eliminating any chance for double bookings, and assigning staff roles for better control over their staff.
  • to track performance, identify improvement areas, and scale their business by making accurate forecasts and future projections based on verified data.

How did In2

CF Tennis Academy partnered with IN2, a sports management software provider, to implement a full digital transformation of their operations. IN2 provided a comprehensive sports management system that allowed CF Tennis Academy to manage all aspects of its operations from a single platform with a single system.

Return on investmnent

CF Tennis Academy has experienced a successful digital transformation with the help of IN2’s sports management system. By adopting a more streamlined and efficient approach to its operations, the academy has been able to focus on what they do best by helping its clients improve their tennis skills, and achieve new levels of success.


Overhead costs reduction


Increased productivity


Increased sales revenue


Increased client satisfaction


Increased client punctuality

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