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Craft an Exceptional Experience for Your Clients and Build a Thriving Fitness Community

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Mobile & Web Booking

Provide your members a seamless booking experience with in2 and let them experience an easy and user-friendly scheduling process.

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Push Notifications & Reminders

Keep your clients engaged and informed with Push Notifications & Reminders to enhance commitment to your activities.

Online Payment

Streamline financial transactions with online payment with a secure and convenient payment gateway, simplifying the membership payment process for your members.

SMS Integration

Improve communication reach with SMS Integration. Send important updates and reminders directly to members’ mobile phones for immediate and effective engagement.

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in2 Parent Child Booking App


Facilitate the registration process for families with Parent/Child Registration. Provide parents the ability to manage and view their children’s accounts directly from their mobile app, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

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in2 Parent Child Booking App

Package Sharing

Promote flexibility and inclusivity with Package Sharing. Allow members to share their fitness packages with their siblings and friends encouraging teamwork and creating a supportive fitness environment.

Package Freeze

Provide flexibility in fitness journeys with Package Freeze. Allow members to temporarily pause their packages, ensuring they can maintain their commitment without losing value during breaks.

Automatic Birthday Emails

Celebrate your client special moments with Automatic Birthday Emails. Send personalized birthday wishes and offers, fostering a sense of community and connection.


Define and optimize your cancellation window and fee with a cancellation policy feature, ensuring a well rounded and fair client cancelation that protects your business.

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Ratings & Reviews

Encourage members to share their experiences by rating and reviewing your classes, private sessions and instructors helping you enhance your services and build a positive sports facility culture.

Automated Discounts

Surprise and delight your clients with Automated Discounts. Set up time-based promotions and package deals creating excitement and incentivizing participation.

Custom Levels

Personalize fitness journeys with Customized Levels. Tailor workout plans to individual needs, allowing members to progress at their own pace and achieve their fitness goals.

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Step into the future of seamless connectivity and personalized experiences with your very own branded app. Tailored exclusively for your business, this app not only showcases your unique brand identity but also offers a user-friendly interface for members to access schedules, make bookings, and stay engaged with your fitness community.

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