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Giving your members the tools to take control of their health experience enhances their overall enjoyment. IN2’s customizable app puts their journey in the palm of their hand.

Activity Report

Participants can access their activity report to get their current, past and future activity log, location of classes or sessions, the coach giving those classes, as well as activity reminders to keep them in the know.

Payment History

Full payment history is available straight through the app, detailing past, current, and future cash or credit payments as well as reminders for pending payments.

Memberships & Packages

Help your customers keep track of their membership details, package history, personal sessions, and online registration, in addition to getting reminders when their memberships are close to expiry.

Booking & Attendance

Participants can easily manage their class bookings, private sessions and field reservations at the tap of a button. They can also view their attendance history, including late arrivals, late cancellations and no-shows.

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