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Optimize the operations of your gym and studio business with In2’s end-to-end Gym and Fitness Management software — changing the way you scale and run your business.

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Manage Yours Leads & Memberships

Smart Scheduling System

Oversee all bookings and appointments online, follow up on attendance and cancellations, organize coaching and PT schedules, notify members, manage your leads, and filter your client list, all in one place.

Simplify Payment Processing

Save time with In2’s end-to-end business solution by auto-renewing membership, and sending expiry reminders. Allow your clients to run everything online via any payment method. Monitor all payments, and contracts with complete transparency.

Seemless Gym and Fitness Management

Space Management & Organization

Optimize space utilization, organize your registrations, and minimize rental cancellations via set policies and procedures — stay up-to-date on equipment maintenance and inventory across all locations and from multiple devices.

Automation Made Easy

Abolish manual work and streamline your activities. When doing so, you decrease the risk of clerical error, align your inventories automatically, manage your POS, and automate countless client and staff activities.

Efficient Staff Management

Use our software to control staff check-ins, monitor staff roles, and manage accesses. Oversee schedules and appointments, track working hours, and automate all necessary payroll calculations.

Space Management & Organization | In2
Automation Made Easy | In2
Efficient Staff Management | In2
Engage your Community | In2
Save Time With Automated Marketing | In2

Client Experience

Engage your Community

Personalize your relationships with all stakeholders via the App. Help your clients make connections with others or guide them to discover new classes and instructors. Allow your members to motivate each other and cheer each other up.

Save Time With Automated Marketing

Generate your own templates, branded emails in bulk, customized messages and emails for the right times. Connect with your SMS provider, share promotions, and so much more. It’s time to market your offerings the ultimate way, all in one unified cloud-based space.

Gains, Insights & Reporting | In2
Gains, Insights & Reporting | In2
Gains, Insights & Reporting | In2
Gains, Insights & Reporting | In2
Gains, Insights & Reporting | In2
Gains, Insights & Reporting | In2
Gains, Insights & Reporting | In2

Gains, Insights & Reporting

With all your business operations in one place, you gain greater insights to your Gym and Fitness Management. The In2 platform offers holistic reporting, so that you can make the smart decisions to further your growth. Track your sales, manage your client retention, and learn how you can attract new leads. With In2, we can help you do it all.

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