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In2 is a cloud-based solution designed to streamline and oversee sports businesses at every stage. Recognizing the significance of timing, accuracy, and effective management, In2 serves as your essential tool for seamlessly integrating these aspects into your sports operations. It simplifies the administration of classes, instructors, and clients through an intuitive platform, providing real-time advantages to all users.


Mindbody is a software company that specializes in providing technology solutions for businesses in the wellness and fitness industries. Their software and platform offer tools for appointment scheduling, class booking, payment processing, client management, and various other features to help businesses in these sectors streamline their operations and improve customer engagement.

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Open to Integration
Split Fields
Advanced Report
Branded App
Regional Payment Gateway Integration
Custom Level
Competitive Pricing
User Friendly Interface
Multilocation Management
Beauty Business
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Reasons in2 is the Best
Mindbody Alternative


In2 offers more cost-effective packages, starting at just $25 per month, making it an exceptionally budget-friendly choice for businesses. This affordability is especially advantageous for small and growing businesses that need to manage their budget effectively. In contrast, Mindbody’s starting price of $129 per month can be a significant financial commitment, particularly for smaller enterprises or startups.

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In2 is open to integration with eight payment gateways, offering businesses greater flexibility to connect with a variety of third-party software and apps. This integration capability ensures that businesses can extend the functionality of In2 by connecting it with other tools they use, enhancing their overall business operations. While Mindbody also integrates with various software, In2’s support for multiple payment gateways provides additional flexibility, which can be crucial for businesses with specific payment processing requirements.

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Customer Success

In2’s customer success is accessible through various channels, including email, chat, phone, and WhatsApp. This multi-channel approach ensures that clients have a range of options to seek assistance and support when needed. The availability of different communication channels can improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of support, making it easier for clients to get help promptly. 

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Split Fields

Split fields are an effective feature that allows the division of a court or playing field into multiple sections, enabling instructors or individuals who book it to utilize each part independently. By understanding and assessing performance within specific zones, businesses can gain valuable insights into player dynamics, strategies, and overall performance. Split fields prove to be a powerful tool for businesses seeking a granular understanding of sports performances.

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Custom Levels

In2 helps tenants identify the level of each user and limit their ability to book classes that match their level only. Levels are customizable per tenant, meaning each tenant can add levels and name them as per their preference. This feature can help tenants maintain the quality of their classes. By ensuring that all users in a class have a similar skill level, tenants can create a more cohesive and productive learning environment.

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Regional Payment Gateway Integration

In2 is integrated with payment gateways like: MyFatoorah, CC Avenue, Network International,etc.. Which helps their clients support the local payment methods and currencies in their target markets. Regional payment gateway integration enables sports  businesses to expand their payment processing capabilities by integrating payment gateways that support local payment methods and currencies. With regional payment gateway integration, sports organizations can accept payments from customers in different countries through the most convenient and trusted payment methods. 

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While both In2 and Mindbody offer software solutions for businesses in the health, wellness, and fitness industries, there are notable differences in terms of pricing, advanced reporting capabilities, customer support, and integrations. In2’s more affordable pricing, advanced reporting capabilities, multi-channel customer support, and open integration options make it a highly attractive option for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and optimize their performance.

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