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Parents play a significant role in kids’ participation in extracurricular activities, and specifically in the field of sports, since they usually contribute to the early participation of their children in sports activities and offer them the needed technical and moral support throughout their fitness journey.

Involvement of parents in children’s sports activities

Positive parental participation can aid children in the development of their crucial qualities such as self-esteem, motivation, and social skills. Sport-specific skills have been found to transfer and aid development in various aspects of life, including school and extracurricular activities. When a youngster has a stronger self-awareness of their own life abilities, this skill transfer is more effective. As a result, parents can help their children develop skills by encouraging them to consider what talents they are getting from sports.

Make parents more involved through In2’s parental feature

In2, the renowned and efficient sports and fitness management software, along with its user-friendly app enable parents to stay closely in the loop when it comes to anything related to their children’s sports journey through.
  • – Easily registering their children to their favorite fitness classes;
  • – Organizing their children’s schedule through a single click;
  • – Paying online for the courses;
  • – Staying updated, informed and reminded regarding any upcoming activity or changes in your children’s classes;
  • – Making children part of the biggest fitness community, for them to connect and make new lifetime friends who share the same sports interests.

Can sports businesses attract parents?

Nowadays, parents are becoming more interested in the fitness industry, and started to take part in involving their children in sports, thanks to the vast array of benefits that sports add to their children’s overall life. Being the case, fitness facilities should start embracing In2 and integrate it within their daily operations. In2’s app is highly beneficial for parents, as they can keep on tracking, managing and staying notified on everything related to their children’s fitness journey whenever they’d like to. By adopting and incorporating its useful features within the fitness facility, it will attract more parents as potential clients, as they will be introduced to the easiest way to manage their children’s sports activities, thus, ensuring their ultimate peace of mind and guaranteeing their children’s success in their sports endeavors. Revolutionize your fitness facility, start attracting parents and young talents, automate your operations, stay engaged with parents, children and your other clients, and shift your facility’s success to the next level with In2! Book your demo today!