Marlon Moussallem


Marlon Moussallem is a mixture of personal training and group personal training studio!

The Challenges
  • The owner didn’t have full visibility over the payments in real-time
  • Our booking systems were all over the place; some clients used to book on WhatsApp, others through the receptionist, and between the different platforms, records used to get lost
  • Some trainers used to get missing information about their sessions because the scheduling wasn’t automated
  • We had major issues with our payment methods and processes
  • Data compilation to create a report was extremely messy since the data wasn’t centralized in one place
The Goals

When subscribed to In2 our main goals were the following:

  • Better organization for the business
  • Minimizing the stress of having everything manual and prone to human error
  • Having easy retrieval of data to generate accurate reports
  • Organizing the way we keep track of the income and costs
  • Making the experience for our customers easier and more streamlined

How did In2

First and foremost, In2 centralized all the processes, business documents, and administrative features in 1 place. This has helped me manage my own personal training platform from anywhere, anytime.

Most importantly, it removed the stress of second-guessing if all the documents provided are missing anything to create accurate reports. Attendees are paying on time and without us having to follow them around and remind them.

With these parts of my fitness business automated, I can spend less time worrying about what happens behind the scenes and actually focus on growing the business.

Return on investmnent

The best return on investment In2 has given me is that I’m doing the work of 2 administrative employees in a much faster and more accurate way! Not to mention that I don’t need to check their work after them!

Another thing is that now we’re getting all the subscription fees paid on time. And even for those that don’t pay on time, the system reminds me of these payments. Having my business and financials automated and secured in one place is the peace of mind that In2 has given me!

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