Meraki Studio


What is Meraki Studio?

Meraki is a Dance and Yoga studio located in Antelias that opened in October 2016. Lea Debal and Nada Toutounji are co-founders and co-owners of the studio.

What type of classes do they offer ?

The classes at Meraki cater to all levels and ages and vary between dance, yoga, fitness, and Aerial classes.
The studio has organized different workshops with local and international instructors, retreats in Lebanon and one in Jordan in 2018, and indoor and outdoor events.
The Challenges

Meraki’s team were taking attendance on a copybook and writing down the daily money that comes in or goes out of the money box. As soon as the month ended, all details were copied on an Excel sheet to do the calculations and pay the salaries using Excel formulas.

Recurring Issues:
  • Fixing the memberships on excel. A lot of mistakes were happening, and the Meraki team had to go back to the copybook and look at the attendance day by day to adjust the membership.
  • Discrepancies between initial calculations and actual numbers due to the manual data entry which sometimes even made it impossible to identify the errors.
  • Students used to ask a lot of questions about their memberships and argue a lot and it was hard for the Meraki team to give them proof of their attendance.
  • Only accepted payment method was in Cash.
The Goals
When purchasing In2 our main goals were the following:

Mainly to solve attendance and cash flow issues Meraki was facing, and to make the day to day operations as efficient as possible.

Another objective was to gain visibility over the ongoing subscriptions to better organize the payment process for the students. Having an automated system in place would also make it easier for students to gain access to information and updates from the Meraki team, which would help reduce the big number of questions/enquiries the team was receiving.

How did In2

While the Meraki team still hasn’t ditched the traditional Excel method 100%, using In2 has helped them stay up to date and to automate the routine tasks they used to do manually. Payments are more organized than ever and the discrepancies in the calculations have almost disappeared.

Students are satisfied and are always up-to-date on their membership details thanks to the IN2 App. Also, booking directly on IN2 helped optimize the team’s time by not having to dedicate too much time to respond to social media requests one by one.

Ever since students started booking on IN2, Meraki never had a teacher come to the studio and get surprised that no one showed up to class, which used to happen regularly in the low seasons.

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Return on investmnent
The Main Benefit from using In2 is the quick decision making process which helps us decrease our costs and allows us to scale our operations much faster all while ensuring a positive ROI.

IN2 has helped reduce overhead costs and will be reducing it even further as Meraki starts phasing out manual work and relies completely on IN2.

IN2 has also increased productivity, since studio management tasks are taking less and less time, helping the team to focus on other strategic tasks.


increase in productivity


decrease in overhead costs

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