Miami Fitness


What is Miami Fitness Factory?

Miami Fitness Factory is a semi private gym equipped to train everyone, with the detailed follow up of a group of highly qualified trainers to help achieve each one’s goal based on injury prevention scientific principles. Along that we are the exclusive NCSF representatives (accredited agency that certifies personal trainers) in the Middle East, we also give workout sessions to trainers either online or in person depending on the covid-19 situation.
The Challenges
  • Clients use to book on the phone, through the receptionist and was not automated and had miss-coordinated bookings sometimes.
  • Payment problem for the gym and the courses, since we didn’t have an online payment system
  • As an owner had always to be in contact with the receptionist to follow up with client’s attendance and number in class.
  • Didn’t have a clear visibility on income reports and payments.
  • Clients canceling with notice
The Goals
When purchasing IN2 our main goals were the following:
  • To become more organized in the sense of clients, and classes.
  • To have clear report of the income
  • To have clear and accurate follow up on the clients SOA and being able to send them online links to pay online.
  • Making my NCSF classes easier to pay and manage since direct email and zoom meeting can be send to all attendees. 
  • To be able at any time and anywhere check all people registered In every session and all the attendance without the necessity of going down to the gym. Just from any laptop or phone. 

How did In2

Because of In2 now I can manage my gym from home, or anywhere. Follow up with clients, change schedule in case of a special event. Even check on the financials and to take accurate and fast decisions to improve my gym. It helped manage my online courses easier. With the app now all my clients have a defined schedule to book on, my phone stopped ringing and all is automated now.

Return on investmnent
Well to start with, after starting with IN2 and moving a new location in our facility I found that I can handle our business with only 1 receptionist since the software enabled us to manage everything in an easy way. Other than the fact that it increased our cash flow since our clients have no reason to pay anymore since all payment methods are available for them, and it made it easier for us to create and give more courses in the Middle East.


Overhead costs reduction


Increased productivity


Increased sales revenue


Increased client satisfaction


Increased client punctuality

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