Ohana Space Yoga & Health Bar

About Ohana Space Yoga
& Health Bar

What is Ohana Space Yoga & Health Bar?

In 2018, Sarah Barakat opened Ohana Space Yoga in the Matn Area in Lebanon. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in a culture of positivity, healthy living and a sense of community. The Ohana Family have built a haven that serves to inspire, empower and facilitate lasting change for everyone. Their goal is to make people feel welcomed, that’s why their yoga classes are accessible to all ages with varying ranges of experience. After six months of operation, Ohana Space Yoga has joined In2 to operate their business more efficiently.

The Challenges
  • Issues in tracking clients’ packages and attendance
  • Complications in managing the business with the lack of sales reports as they were done manually. 
  • Spending a lot of time to manually update the merchandise at their Concept Store.
  • Difficulty managing staff payroll and attendance
The Goals

When purchasing In2 our main goals were the following:

  • Scaling their business
  • Keeping track of clients’ packages and attendance history
  • Have online booking available for clients 
  • Extract detailed and automated reports that aid in the business growth
  • Track instructors’ class offerings and salaries
  • Modify class schedule online
  • Manage their concept store and yoga offerings in one place
  • Efficiency and productivity in managing the business

How did In2

“In2 had all the solutions to the challenges we were facing in managing client information, payments, packages etc. It helped us forecast and plan better offerings depending on previous reports. Helped keep clients up to date with all changes and updates. It gave us a platform to stay connected updated and professional with our clients.
The POS was a great addition to the system to manage in store purchases as well. ” – Said Serah Barakat

Return on investmnent

Ohana Space’s performance has also improved as studio management responsibilities have become less time consuming, allowing the team to focus on what matters most: teaching yoga and creating a safe environment for yogis.

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