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Hania Bassat, Owner

“Not long ago, I moved from Mindbody to In2! I I felt confident that it provided all the features the studios needed. In some areas In2 has even surpassed Mindbody, I can now manage both on the Web version by switching with the click of a button – A major savior. As an Instructor, I navigate on the app without having to switch accounts. My clients pay online – A feature that was never an option in Mindbody for businesses operating in the Middle East – That’s a HUGE plus for a studio”

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Find below our FAQs

Can I create custom reports?

Our reports section has a dense and diverse selection of reports that are updated in real-time, you can view them on the platform or export them and use them to create pivot tables for example.

Can members register and pay directly through the app?

Members can book and pay for their classes and memberships directly from the app

Does In2 integrate with 3rd party apps?

Yes as long as they have open APIs

Can we offer gift cards and promotions to our members?

We don’t currently have the gift card option, but you can add credit notes or passes to your clients

Can coaches see their schedules and upcoming sessions?

Each coach has access to the App to see his schedule and upcoming sessions. 

They can have access to the back office as well if you allow them to. 

Can I manage several companies by using IN2?

Our platform is multi-business multi-branch and allows you to toggle between each company with a click of a button, and with the help of our consolidated dashboard you will be able to have a general view of all your businesses simultaneously. 

What if we have 2 branches in different countries?

You can manage all your branches under the same account.

If I stop using IN2, will you keep the Data with you?

You own your Data, we export all the Data from our system. 

Can lessons be automatically deducted from packages when people attend and/or is cancellation policy applied?

Whenever the client attends the sessions and the attendance is submitted, the sessions will be  deducted. If he cancels or doesn’t show up to the session, cancellation policy will be applied and  session will be deducted as well. 

Can we customize the Dashboards?

Our Dashboards are made generally and we have chosen the most important reports to be seen  there. At any time, you can access the reports for more Data. 

Can we integrate our payment gateway to the system?

Any payment gateway can be integrated as long as it has open APIs.

Are field rental and classes coordinated on the system?

Yes, for sure. When you create a class the calendar will automatically be booked so that no one can take it as field rental.

What are the conditions for my gym to be displayed on the IN2 app?

There are no conditions for that, whenever you sign with IN2 it’s up to you to decide if you want your business to be shown the app, this can be done from the company settings of each business.

Does IN2 support online classes?

Yes, online classes can be done in 2 ways: In2 is already integrated with zoom, so a link can be directly added to each specific class, or the trainer can send any other link of a video platform to clients through the class messaging option, or via email through the web platform. 

Can limits be put for the class?

Yes , when creating the class you will have to limit the number of people permitted, and a waiting list can also be applied in-order to help you fill up the class in case people cancel.

For account and audit purposes, I need to understand how the soft copy of Invoices & Credit notes is stored and how can I retrieve it and download it?

All invoices, receipts and credit notes can be downloaded and printed from the system directly.  It is restored on the cloud since In2 is an online platform. Anytime you want you can access  them from the In2 system, download them and save them wherever you want.

How can people access our classes from the website?

Once on-boarded , the business will get a widget to add on its website, which will enable the clients to go and book according to their schedule.

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