According to scientific research, increasing regular physical activity is linked to a decline in the occurrence of various cancer forms, most notably breast cancer. In fact, exercise lowers the incidence of breast cancer in women in the general population by about 20%. In reality, it has been shown that following the recommendations for physical exercise significantly reduces the occurrence of cancer. Exercise facilities should be made aware of this issue, and fitness clubs should be attentive to it.
Promoting exercising and regular physical activity is crucial and will serve the community well. Wondering how to promote your business and encourage people to start exercising to keep a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle? In2 has got you covered!

How should you promote it?

There are several ways to encourage regular exercising and In2 is here to assist you through all of them:
Offer discounts to entice people to start working out.
During this month, apply the pink ribbon to your branded app.
Provide entertaining fitness sessions, like dancing, zumba classes and other fun activities.

Why should you promote it?

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging people to stay healthy will ensure an overall well-being with a chance to decrease a potential breast cancer diagnosis.
Encouraging fitness and wellness will allow you as a business to connect and form personal relationships with your customers. Also, creating a personal bond with your customers is important when promoting a business.
That is not all! Promoting your fitness business is suitable for referrals. With a positive experience, supported by In2, people will start referring family members, friends, and co-workers to book fitness sessions!

Where should you promote?

In2 will aid in raising awareness through marketing efforts such as emails and push notifications. In addition, with our assistance, plan an event to raise consciousness about the problem and your company all at once!

Fitness businesses are considered major players in every community. Using your voice and position to raise awareness on sensitive topics like breast cancer will make a change. In addition, businesses caring about their members and offering them support when needed will be celebrated and loved. With In2’s fitness management app and software, connect with your members and wait for the magic!