It can be challenging to find qualified candidates with the right attitude, compensation, and availability. It’s tempting to move forward and quickly fill those openings. But if you do, it will require extra time and money to make corrections or to restart the hiring process.

You’ll be deeply involved in everyday operations as a new business owner. Instead than wasting the majority of your time on monotonous duties, it’s crucial to leave adequate time to manage your business. Your time would be better spent on tasks that keep the gym headed in the direction of profitability. 

1. Important Factors to Think About While Hiring Gym Staff

Establishing a strong team will enable more efficient operations, positive customer experiences, and a positive working atmosphere. The following qualities should be included in a great team:

  • Affordable in terms of hiring and operating
  • Efficient at assigned tasks
  • Capable of performing and showing up
  • Capable of adjusting to team and Gym needs
  • Able to take constructive criticism to improve oneself and the team
  • Has Good communication and positive energy

Hiring Procedure

A thorough hiring procedure will incorporate crucial phases like:

  • Creating a job description
  • Determining a monthly budget for each candidate
  • Setting up a detailed interviewing process
  • Checking references and one’s background

Interview Structure

  • Introduce yourself first so they can learn a little bit about you. Additionally, it breaks the ice.
  • Let them know you appreciate them making the effort by thanking them for taking the time to meet with you.
  • After you’ve given a brief introduction, give the candidate the floor. Ask them about their history and experience.
  • Continue with Q&A, starting with your own questions. To observe how they react under duress, you might want to put them through a stress test here with some difficult questions.
  • Ask them if they have some last questions.

Request a demonstration or give a test

Sometimes asking someone to perform or having them take a test is the greatest method to find out if they are qualified for the position or if they can live up to expectations.

2. List the functions for which the gym needs to hire

You should only hire as a new gym if you absolutely need to. A requirement might be based on time that has to be restored or skills that you might be missing. These are the main departments you should pay attention to first.

  • Operations at the gym 
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Marketing 
  • Coaching, if you are managing a class-based gym.

3. Appointing Gym Staff at The Appropriate Time

When employing staff, there are two benchmarks. The first is when you have determined, prior to opening, that you must have a staff team prepared for the opening. The second is determined by requirements after opening.

Prior to the gym’s opening, hiring:

Here is a guide to the hiring timeline:

  • Job postings should begin eight weeks prior to the opening.
  • Make offers to your chosen applicants four weeks prior to opening.
  • Start personnel onboarding and training 2–4 weeks before the opening.
  • Hiring after your gym has opened.

To Sum Up

When hiring, it’s important to take into account three things: people, time, and money. We are aware that managing it all is a hassle for you, but we have the answer: In2, the #1 Gym Management Solution. Efficiently manage your staff, their schedules and salaries and a lot more with In2. Request a demo from us!