“Does going to the gym even count if you don’t post a status about it on social media?”

Of course, that is just a joke. 

However, there is little doubt that gyms that embrace their online community are a step ahead of those that don’t. If a member feels as if they are part of a little fitness family, then they are much more likely to remain within that community for years to come. The social element of working out has never been more important and generally speaking, gym members love being able to encourage, compliment and inspire their peers. 

An online community also gives trainers a tool to communicate with their clients, and in turn, those members feel more welcome to return to the gym and renew their membership in the future. 

Communication is key

If you’re thinking that the general public doesn’t want to be communicated with by his or her local fitness club, then we’ve got news for you: You’re quite simply wrong. A 2017 study showed that 90% of studio members valued a consistent stream of communication from the staff at their chosen studio. 

Not only that, 45% of gym members said that the reason they renewed their membership at a given gym was because they had a positive interaction with a member of staff. Including push notifications within your app and a regular newsletter from your venue can help build this member/gym relationship. 

A Social Experience 

Going to the gym is now a social experience, both online and in reality, with 85% of fitness club members visiting their facility twice per week to engage in group classes. Around 80% of new gym members are millennials, they want to engage with their peers online, building a community around their hobby. 

Different people want different things from their gym experience. For some people, it is also about building a community where they can feel part of something bigger. In2’s Innovative Mobile App offers gyms and other fitness businesses the option of engaging and communicating with personalized emails and messages to provide your members with a greater sense of belonging. 

Building Your Community

The most important thing while building your community is being authentic. Of course, you can look at other fitness suites and learn from how they built little fitness families. However, the relatability and individuality that makes your gym special is what your members will relate to and engage with.

When creating a social account, know that your members care. Posting about your gym’s workout plans, struggles and successes will make members feel part of something bigger than their own individual gym session. Building camaraderie and a team will become much easier when you start working with more efficient tools! 

In2’s excellent offering is beneficial to both members and institutions, with these businesses benefiting from not only the wonderful tools available, but also the visibility on such a high profile platform. 

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