The worldwide pandemic caused massive problems for Gyms and other businesses in the Fitness and Sports industries, but innovation and dynamism has helped those working in this area survive and, in some cases, even thrive. 

According to a recent survey, over 40% of people said that working out was the most important element of looking after their mental wellbeing during the pandemic. 

Just like in so many other areas of life, it is unlikely that gyms will ever go back to the way they were pre-March 2020. However, as the values of exercise are now appreciated more than ever before and there is a clear opportunity for those within the industry. 

More and more people are working out and this has offered an opportunity for these businesses to hit the ground running (excuse the pun!) as we move into a more digital world.  

Here are a few tips on how your Fitness and Sports business can succeed in this ‘New Normal’. 

An online/offline community

Changes towards more of an online and offline hybrid community were accelerated over the past year and a half. Online fitness communities became commonplace and a reasonable substitute for the social interactions that were once commonplace in fitness and sports facilities throughout the world. 

With online communities becoming a bigger part of most people’s lives, it is now essential that your business works on building an active and engaging online profile. 

This will help your members feel part of your fitness family and increase the likelihood that they will renew their membership. This is particularly true for the members that aren’t quite ready to return to brick-and-mortar gyms. 

Improved Online Classes 

Bloomberg reported that over 70% of gyms were offering online classes during the pandemic. 

Of course, it also showed that the vast majority of gym-goers want to get back into the brick-and-mortar facilities. However, you can be sure that a certain amount will want to keep some element of remote fitness within their schedule. 

Online-only, hybrid online-offline programmes and other tools will become more and more important for gyms in the future. In2 can help your business adapt, schedule, and communicate these classes for your membership base. 

Less Contact, More Automation 

We are now in a world where automation is king. The rise of digital has created a world where the complications traditionally associated with many tasks are removed. 

Cleverly using data to adapt your offerings can ensure you are able to do this. It allows you to recognise demand and respond to it. 

With the right systems in place, more of your members can book classes, pay their membership, interact with their trainers and do much more remotely. 

Trainers can also use data to become more efficient in their processes and offer a more personalized service, even when they’re not actually meeting members face-to-face. 

With In2 offering membership management tools, such as schedule management and activity reports, it is an essential tool for gym owners who want to adapt to a more digital world.