During the last couple of years, COVID-19 has invaded the world and brought with it several changes in how our world operates in the majority of its sectors. A virtual shift has consequently occurred and has been inevitable for the world activities to resume. 48% of sports and fitness app users plan on bringing virtual fitness into their routines even after the pandemic. 

Due to the demand for customized and increasingly niche fitness class offerings, the live streaming fitness market is expected to grow 35% per year till 2026, and change will happen including:

  • Eliminating location and distance barriers. Virtual fitness classes enable you to learn and deliver courses whenever, wherever; allowing you to reach an international audience;
  • Being affordable thanks to the lower amount of equipment required;
  • Widening your digital skill set and being more acquainted with the online world.

But, besides its benefits and advantages, virtual classes providers might experience many hurdles that could come along the way, thus, limiting their productivity and motivation, such as:

  • Keeping track of attendees: As they can’t physically monitor presence in a virtual class, virtual classes’ providers could face the problem of tracking attendance;
  • Keeping up with cancellations: Virtual classes’ providers could face the hurdle of keeping up with reservations and courses/sessions cancellations, due to the fact that everything is agreed upon online, and all bookings/reservations are made virtually;
  • Lower marketing efforts: Some people started being aware of the effectiveness of virtual classes and the utmost convenience it provides, although many other people would still prefer attending fitness and gym courses physically. Being the case, marketing virtual classes, if not advertised and spread cleverly, would not benefit the classes and would not mobilize people to take action and be part of these classes, resulting in the classes’ failure.

In2, the Sports & Fitness Management software distinguished by its full automation and advanced features, will revolutionize the future of sports & fitness management, as it will transform your virtual classes into more practical and successful ones. Your virtual classes’ operations will be personalized, automated, and digitized, as you will be having the opportunity to access/amend reports, analyze data, communicate, and coordinate and interact with your staff, actual and potential attendees, straight from your mobile phone.

And for fitness clubs who aren’t yet involved in the virtual classes mechanism, In2 is fully confidently present and ready to incorporate and streamline the whole process with ultimate ease, security, and practicality. You can strategize for the future of your sports & management business with In2, as it will facilitate every single task related to the following:

  • Members can check-in and book sessions with a single click;
  • Members can interact and communicate with instructors via the app, thus, feeling like one team in a physical environment;
  • Access your data and analyze it to help you choose better and successful strategic growth decisions;
  • Manage the entire flow of operations, branches, and departments, all while getting real-time facts and financial reports, schedules, and more, for you to effectively manage your revenues, costs, and profitability percentages;
  • Leverage your virtual classes, and keep the workflow running properly and accurately.

A great companion can take you to places you’ve never thought of! Join In2 today by booking a demo right away, and let nothing stop you and your business from constantly succeeding and moving onwards and upwards.