Optimal Operations With Sports Academy Management Software

Take your fitness studio to new heights with a user-friendly fitness studio software. Boost your operation and enhance your member’s experience by bringing a touch of technology to your fitness journey.

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in2 Field Management

Manage Your
Sports Academy

Say goodbye to administrative hurdles and focus on providing your business the next generation of sports academy management software.
Oversee training schedules, client-level progress tracking, and field bookings, all within a single platform.

in2 Field Management

Field Reservation Management

Reserve and manage your sports fields and courts easily, ensuring smooth operations at your academy.

Multi Dimensional

Divide, split and create plans for each section of your field, and make your academy the ideal training ground.


Safeguard the integrity of your sports academy with a well-defined cancellation policy that strikes a balance between client convenience and operational efficiency.

in2 Dashboard Financial-Reports

Guide Your Academy Towards Growth

Strategic growth and data-informed decisions are your foundation for lasting success. in2 serves as your compass, enabling the smooth operation of your academy chain and offering valuable insights to steer you towards excellence. Whether you’re envisioning expansion or operation refinement, equip yourself with the tools to make informed choices, propelling your academy forward.

in2 Dashboard Financial-Reports

Custom Mobile

Tailor a personalized mobile experience for your clients with personalized design and enhance your identity with your academy’s branding at the forefront.


Gain invaluable financial insights and maintain a clear overview of your academy with detailed, data-driven reports to empower informed financial decisions.


Renew memberships easily by providing convenience to athletes and retention to your academy.

Sports Academies - Parent - Child - Delight

Shaping Champions, Satisfying Customers

The delight of any sports academy lies in the happiness of its clients. Elevate your members’ experiences to exceptional levels, promoting loyalty, attracting promising recognition, and cultivating a thriving sports community. By delivering a personalized, top-tier experience, Your sports academy will stand out as a place of excellence and inspiration.

Sports Academies - Parent - Child - Delight

Enable the enrollment process for parents by offering an easy way to register their children. With this feature, you make it convenient for families to join your sports academy and provide their children with valuable training experiences.


Stay connected with clients and even their parents using our automated email settings. Send timely updates, reminders, and important information, ensuring everyone is well-informed and engaged.


Tailor your training programs to perfection with our customized levels feature. This tool empowers you to create personalized training experiences, catering to each client’s unique skills and goals, setting your sports academy apart.

Customer Reviews


Amir Saoud

Riyadi Beirut
Overall: I wish i can make the best of in2, a little help with troubles we are having will solve the problem
Pros: Being online helps me run my business when im away, when data is entered correctly the reports are amazing.


Hania Bsat

Studio Lagree
Managing Partner
Health, Wellness and Fitness
Overall: Very good experience overall
Pros: It is more affordable than other software The staff respond quickly when there is a major issue It’s relatively easy to use


Laura A.

Pole Fitness, Founder
Health, Wellness and Fitness
Used the software for: 1-2 years
It is user-friendly and customer friendly.I also love their customer care and follow upThey also adapted quiet quickly to the lbp/$ situation in Lebanon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about in2 below. If you don’t see your question listed, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team for further assistance.

How can your sports academy management software benefit my academy?

Our sports academy management software is a comprehensive solution tailored for sports academies. It assists in managing operations, optimizing training programs, and enhancing overall efficiency. From scheduling practices to tracking athlete progress, the software is designed to elevate the management and performance of sports academies.

How does the software support the management of various sports and training programs?

Our sports academy management software is versatile, accommodating a wide range of sports and training programs. It offers features for scheduling practices, managing coaching staff, tracking athlete performance, and organizing events. This flexibility ensures that the software aligns with the unique needs of different sports within your academy.

How can sports academy software assist in managing training sessions and schedules?

in2 provides powerful tools for managing training sessions, class bookings, and coach assignments. It reduces administrative tasks, and offers a smooth experience for both your clients and your staff.

Does your sports academy software accommodate various sports programs?

Absolutely. Our sports academy software is adaptable to a diverse range of sports programs. Whether your academy specializes in soccer, basketball, tennis, or multiple sports, the software’s flexibility allows customization of schedules, resources, and training plans to suit the unique needs of each sport.

What are the payment options that your system offers?

in2 offers three convenient payment options to enhance flexibility and cater to various preferences. The first option involves mandatory online payment, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction process by connecting a payment gateway. The second option provides flexibility, allowing customers to choose between optional online payment or making a payment at the front desk. This hybrid approach combines the convenience of online transactions with the personal touch of in-person payment. Lastly, for those who prefer a traditional approach, in2 also accommodates purely front desk payments, providing a comprehensive range of choices to meet diverse customer needs.

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