The Top Emerging Fitness Trends in 2022
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January 17, 2022

With gym closures and a tremendous surge in digital fitness products and services, the fitness industry has encountered a multitude of difficulties and instability and uncovered new possibilities in recent years. COVID-19 has reshaped the way people think about health, fitness, and sports, as the latter has become a top priority for many, all around the globe, and began to be closely allied to wellness and mental health.

On the other side, as consumers’ interests and needs are constantly changing over the years, the sports and fitness industry should always invest in finding innovative ways for it to keep on growing, prospering, and attracting fitness enthusiasts and even newcomers.

Let’s have a look together at the top emerging fitness trends we anticipate seeing in 2022, all united under In2, your soon-to-be favorite sports and fitness management software!

1- Hybrid gym memberships

We are noticing that hybrid gym memberships are on the rise and gaining more popularity as days pass by since members are granted the freedom of working out at their own convenience, regardless of their physical location. By adopting this type of membership available on In2, you will be preserving your happy and satisfied members, and attracting new ones!

2- Wellness-tracking wearable technology 

In addition to the steps and miles trackers, companies specialized in activity tracking products and wearable technology are integrating more wellness and health-oriented tracking functionalities such as sleep cycle and heart rate monitors, stress and body temperature trackers, among many other useful features. By that, people will be looking after their health, right from their wrist!

3- Outdoor exercising

Due to many sanitary measures resulting in the temporary closure of fitness and sports facilities, people are benefiting more from their outdoor space and what our mother nature has to offer. People are not only seeking to increase their physical activity through running, cycling, working out outdoors, or even hiking, but also to reap the healthy benefits of being in nature. Book your outdoor exercising classes through In2 today, and let wellness guide your way!

4- Personal training

Personal training will continue to be a popular option as the need for individualized services grows. Thanks to the ever-evolving technological practices and In2’s offerings, physical location is not a boundary anymore, as personal trainers are now giving virtual personal training, bespoke training programs, and many other online sports services for fitness enthusiasts, wherever they are.

5- In2

For them to keep on operating perfectly, managing daily tasks, staying in the loop, sustaining a communication and engagement cycle with their members through a healthy community, and tracking every single piece of information, gyms and sports/fitness facilities are shifting towards implementing In2, the outstanding sports and fitness management software loaded with tailored features and unmatched benefits. Joining In2’s tribe will surely revolutionize and facilitate your fitness/sports facility and scale it to the next level!

6- Group fitness classes

Exercising collectively, whether in-person or virtually, is seen as a motivational factor pushing people to be happier while doing sports, all while boosting their dedication and energy. Sports and fitness facilities are noticing the importance of this trend and implementing it within their offerings. Through In2’s software, fitness/sports facilities will be able to organize, implement, manage, track and report group fitness classes such as Yoga, Trampoline or HIIT, all while giving members the freedom to enroll in any class and engage with the class’ coach and attendees through In2’s seamless app!

7- Seniors’ fitness programs

Nowadays, amid a circulating pandemic, doing sports, staying healthy, in shape, and adopting a healthy lifestyle is not an option anymore, regardless of one’s age. Many Fitness Facilities offer a range of training and fitness programs tailored for the elderly that include minutely chosen classes and sports. By that, seniors will have the possibility to opt for an active lifestyle instead of a sedentary one, all while tracking their health and enjoying ultimate peace of mind. 

8- Women-only gyms

It is noticed that, due to the gender-gap issue, women stepping into their fitness journey and joining gyms face many hurdles that make their path intimidating or even daunting. Being the case, women-only gyms are gaining popularity and effectiveness. On In2, women can register in a gym where women only are enrolled, for them to lower their “gymtimidation” levels, exercise confidently and freely, and engage with their peers.

What are you waiting for? Book a demo today, for you to stay ‘in’, incorporate the latest trends into your sports and fitness facility, keep your members satisfied, and attract new ones!