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‘Health is the real wealth’. We have all grown up hearing this and realize its importance. To keep ourselves healthy and fit, we indulge in several sports and fitness activities. But recently, the sudden progress of technology over the past few years has made it necessary for everyone to become more active and advanced. 

There is no doubt that technology has reformed and will continue to reform forever. In order to sustain in any business market in this age, digital presence holds the most importance. Especially for Sports and Fitness Centers, just having a website or being digitally visible is not enough. Your business needs to have technology embedded in every aspect of your daily operations. If you own or manage a sports club or fitness center, you need to adopt modern technology and techniques to sustain in the long run.

How technology is reviving the fitness industry?

The global health club industry is growing very rapidly and as per statistics, it has reached approximately 96.7 Billion USD within one decade. Now the number is very huge and tells a lot about obsession and expenditure. Businesses are investing in it and competition is getting tougher. For any gym or fitness center to stand out, technological advancement is the key. 

In the health and fitness industry, technology is serving in every single aspect. There are smart exercising machines, fitness apps, digital display & TV screens, tracking systems inside gyms, customer management systems and so much more. Let’s have a look at different modes of technology helping this industry to grow:

Automated management systems

Almost every Sport and fitness club is opting for the automated management systems. It helps them manage and track their customer’s data, monitor their staffs and coaching team’s work, manage and control their different branches and business units, etc. 

These systems also help them to design their marketing strategies, reach out to more customers, and be in touch with existing clients.

Fitness apps

Apps are everyone’s best friend in this era of technology. We have apps for every single thing and fitness is no exception. Fitness apps have made everybody conscious of their health and wellness. These apps are helping people in tracking their routines, guide them on what to eat and what not to eat, and being their workout instructor as well.

All Sports and fitness clubs are now obliged to follow suit in order to not get left behind and stay ahead of the curve. 

5 Reasons To Digitalize Your Business

If you’re still confused about why do you need to automate your traditional methods, here are five very genuine reasons.

Current pandemic situation

The Covid-19 caused the closure of every fitness club, sports segments, gyms, etc. Even when the lockdown was being lifted in some areas, gyms and clubs were given the least priority as these places involve gatherings and interactions. The situation shifted every business online and the health industry is no exception. 

Trainers started giving online training sessions. Gyms were providing consultation and sessions through videos and apps. Physical sports were put on a hold and the focus shifted to online gaming. A lot of fitness products and methodologies were invented during this time. 

Since the health safety was at risk, people became more conscious than ever. Online consultations and workout routines helped them reforming their lifestyle. They adopted new diet plans and immunity boosting activities to keep their body healthy and fit to fight the disease.

The fitness and health experts also helped people in relaxing themselves in this situation of fear and uncertainty. Exercising and following a proper routine helped them get through a hard time and relax their mind and soul.

Management made easy

It is very costly and hectic to manage a big team of employees, especially if it is for very basic tasks. Paying their salaries, managing their records, and hunting dependable employees is the most difficult thing to do. That is why you need to have an automated management system in your fitness center, gym, or sports club. 

The management system will ease your routine tasks for you, such as keeping a track of customers, registration process, managing the smart screens and machines, online consultation to customers, viewing and managing their routine, and everything you need to do. It will save you time, cost, and human effort. 

Real-time reporting and visibility

Technology has made real time analysis and reporting possible. It has improved visibility into insights and has made decision making more reliable and easy. With an automated management solution, you get a 360 visibility over your business and you can see the progress and results up-to-the-very-minute. You can analyze the trends and patterns to make a quick decision on the basis of the latest information.

In the Sports and Fitness industry, having access to real time data is crucial to make quicker and more efficient business decisions.

Simplifying routine procedures

For a Fitness Center or a Sports Club, managing the workers and customers is not easy. Process automation eases daily routine tasks (such as registering new participants, tracking and hosting sports events, bookings & cancellations, hosting teams, etc.) and makes your teams much more efficient. Just imagine how much effort and time it will take to do all of this manually. 

Automation reduces the chances of errors. Human work will expectedly have more mistakes and errors than automatically generated results. That is why it is recommended to have a customized Solution for your business.

Managing payments

This business involves the transaction of money almost every day. You will require to manage payments in the form of a monthly gym fee or subscription fee of a sports club or fitness center. Money involves several types of risks. 

Now, obviously, you cannot keep track of all these payments in traditional ways like keeping a register or notebook right? That won’t be safe and accurate. So having a payment management system is a must for your business. 

That system will ensure safe and transparent transactions and maintain their record. There will be a lesser risk of errors and everything will be on the record to avoid any kind of issues even after years.


Now since you have realized the importance of technological advancement for your business and you need to adopt these methods too, you need an expert’s help. In case you are looking for the best solution providers, In2 is the best option for you. In2 is a cloud-based sports management system to help you manage health and fitness businesses.

In2’s solution helps you manage the routine activities for your sports club, academy, gym, or fitness center. It ensures that you have a seemless set up, developed, and implemented according to your requirements. It is safe and secure to protect the transactions and sensitive data.

The best thing about the system is it provides support in 3 different languages. You can manage your customer, workers, payrolls, events, classes, registration, and everything online with ease.

Other than this, the program also allows you to connect to your customer, send promotions, and generate reports for analyzing insights. The system works at both, business and user end and allows users to make online bookings, view class schedules, and fitness plans, etc. It is very safe for online payments and transactions too.


Digitalization is the future. No business could survive without automation. Having modern solutions and setups for your business does not only benefit you in terms productivity and decreasing costs, but these solutions also help you attract more customers and make sure you retain them.

For the sports and fitness industry, digitalization has proven to be equally beneficial. Online consultation and workout sessions have prevented the falling of such businesses during lockdown situations. All these are the wonders of technology.

In2 is much more than a Booking Management Solution, it’s an end-to-end Sports Management Solution that will help you manage and automate every aspect of your business all while maintaining your customer base and growing it thanks to our built-in CRM features!