We live in a world where technology and its ever-evolving practices have redefined the way every governing body operates and communicates with its customers. Technological practices have invaded the fitness industry, all while impacting its success and continuity immensely. Consequently, integrating technology into your fitness club can be highly rewarding, and it entails multiple practices.

Let’s learn about 5 technological practices that boost the productivity of your fitness club, and how In2 can help you achieve that. 

A branded and easy-to-use mobile app 

Mobile apps are everywhere now that everything is digitalized. A fine line separates a normal app with a low usage rate, that can be easily forgotten and uninstalled at a later stage, and a branded easy-to-use app full of key benefits that can shift your fitness club to the next level. 

With In2, your members and you will be enjoying a matchless branded mobile app. Thanks to In2’s innovative technological features, you will be having an app tailored to your brand guidelines. You will be achieving greater engagement, creating, managing, and tracking your online classes, and connecting with like-minded peers. Also, you will be making your business discoverable and readily reachable, thus sustaining your brand success.

Smart online classes’ booking and payment

It is known that booking fitness classes and paying the registration fees online can turn into an unwanted burden, leading to discouragement and loss of motivation. Thinking smartly, and going smart is indeed the ultimate solution!

In2’s secure and seamless offerings enable members to book their preferred online classes, talking pilates, Zumba, or yoga sessions, etc., and pay with full transparency, through a single button click. In addition, you can even add discounts to loyal customer profiles, segment your members according to their training type, and notify parents when their children have any upcoming booked training.

Online space management and organization

Who said managing and organizing your fitness space should be tiring, hectic and time-consuming? Running a fitness club is profitable, but is also self-defying. Streamlining daily operations and keeping everything well organized is undoubtedly a crucial feature that strengthens your club’s capabilities and effectiveness. 

The all-in-one In2 software will let you forget the sensation of feeling drained. Start optimizing your fitness space utilization, organizing your registrations, and minimizing rental cancellations via policies and procedures already set. Furthermore, with In2’s exceptional management features, you can stay informed when it comes to equipment maintenance and check on your inventory across all locations and from multiple devices. 

An automated reporting wizard 

What is going on in your business should always stay tracked, for easier reference, and for any future referral. Thousands of data are generated and gathered daily in your fitness club, requiring an online tool for them to be compiled, tracked, and analyzed, for the operations to be facilitated, and run more efficiently. 

In2 will be acting as an automated real-time reporting wizard, hence, giving you a 360 overview of your members’ performance. Make informed decisions within your fitness club effortlessly and automatically, all while basing yourself on accurate facts, figures and numbers. 

An online staff management solution

The success of your fitness club depends strongly on many key factors, and your staff management is one of them. Ensuring that every team member is working adequately, and delivering the assigned tasks and responsibilities each in its respective submission date, makes the workflow well-controlled and fruitful. 

Unlike any other software, with In2, you can manage your fitness club instructors, coaches, and other staff, as well as the different assigned roles, check-ins, checkouts, accesses, and track working hours, all while staying in full control of each employee’s schedule and list of appointments, and automating essential payroll calculations, in a more convenient way.


In the midst of fast-changing technology, staying “in” is certainly required for your fitness club to persist and further flourish. Technology practices are everywhere, but the real challenge lies in knowing which technological practice to choose, and which assisting software to implement. Stay always “in”, go for In2, and get in touch with us by filling the following form, and our skilled specialist will be reaching out to you in due time, to assist you in adopting the right technologies within your fitness club!