Elevate Your Center With Our Wellness Management Software

Bring your operation into the modern age and steer your business into a fresh era of health and wellness solution. Supply yourself with a wellness management software, and ease your process to set your business on a path to a brighter future.

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Manage Your
Wellness Center

Get your own wellness management software and simplify your operations, allowing you to focus on delivering a holistic well-being experience to your clients.

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Appointment & Scheduling

Manage availabilities, and avoid scheduling conflicts with an intuitive appointment calendar that allows your staff to book client appointments and schedule private sessions.

Class Management

Organize your classes, workshops, and events with in2, and simplify the process of managing your instructor’s schedules.

Stock Oversight

Take control of your stock and oversee your retail sales. Keep your shelves well-stocked, and track your profit, all while maintaining the wellness center’s financial health.
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Grow Lead to
Better Health

This wellness management software is all you need to keep your mind at ease.

Nurture the growth of your wellness center with a strategic and data-driven approach.

Let your operation run smoothly and gain insights to help you expand your reach.

in2 Dashboard Financial-Reports

Online Booking

Grow your center by enabling online booking making it easy for clients to schedule and reducing no-shows.

Event Planning

Diversify your wellness offerings by organizing and promoting wellness workshops, retreats, and special programs that capture the hearts and minds of your community.

Combo Packages

Combine your crafted combo packages and offer your clients two services merged into one enriching experience.
in2 Fitness Studio Ratings and Reviews

Nurture Client

Attract new clients seeking a healthier lifestyle and create a wellness experience beyond their expectations.

Join in2’s wellness management software to build strong connections and establish a wellness haven for holistic health and comfort.

in2 Fitness Studio Ratings and Reviews

Online Mobile

Empower your clients with the convenience of online booking. Our user-friendly platform allows clients to easily schedule wellness appointments and classes from the comfort of their devices.

Birthday Email

Surprise and delight your clients with a heartfelt birthday email. Our automatic birthday email sends warm wishes, a free class, or any custom email you would like to draft. Reinforce the personal connection and care that your wellness center embodies.


Introduce special promotional pricing that offers your clients discounted rates for select wellness services or packages, such as seasonal promotions, holiday discounts, or introductory offers.

Customer Reviews


Serah Barakat

Yoga instructor & Founder of Ohana Space Yoga
While yogis can find “Ohana Space through the app, search for classes, book, and pay online. I can run and manage my business with easy scheduling, generating insightful reports, managing staff payroll and organizing my POS all through one platform. Not to forget the additional services that are being integrated frequently by the developers, making the experience with Joinin2 Limitless “


Nada Toutounjy

Owner, Meraki
“ in2 has simplified all our management. With its organization, data collection and studies, it has turned Meraki into a well-oiled machine”



Manager, Union Square Yoga
It’s been a pleasure working with in2: the high Levels of professionalism, support and value proposition makes them the perfect business partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about in2 below. If you don’t see your question listed, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team for further assistance.

How can your wellness management software benefit my studio?

in2 is crafted specifically for wellness studios, streamlining operations, appointment scheduling, and client management. Its features, including appointment booking, automated client emails and notification reminders, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional wellness services.

Does in2 Software accommodate various wellness programs and services?

Certainly. Our software is versatile and adaptable to a variety of wellness programs. Whether you specialize in yoga, meditation, spa services, or a range of wellness offerings, the software’s flexibility allows customization of schedules, resources, and services to suit the unique needs of each wellness service you provide.

How does wellness studio software contribute to client engagement and satisfaction?

in2 software promotes a connected experience for your clients, providing them with convenience through functionalities like online booking, appointment reminders, and easy access to check out what you offer.

Does your wellness software accommodate various services?

Absolutely. in2 wellness software is adaptable to a diverse range of services. Whether your wellness center specializes in therapy, massage, or yoga/pilates classes and even multiple appointment based services, the software’s flexibility allows customization of schedules, resources, and training plans to suit the unique needs of each service you provide.

What are the payment options that your system offers?

in2 offers three convenient payment options to enhance flexibility and cater to various preferences. The first option involves mandatory online payment, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction process by connecting a payment gateway. The second option provides flexibility, allowing customers to choose between optional online payment or making a payment at the front desk. This hybrid approach combines the convenience of online transactions with the personal touch of in-person payment. Lastly, for those who prefer a traditional approach, in2 also accommodates purely front desk payments, providing a comprehensive range of choices to meet diverse customer needs.

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